Update #53

Fulfilment Complete & Stones Released!

Hello all!

Fulfillment Complete!

As most of you may already know, all verified orders have been shipped (even the ones that came in late)! We really appreciate your patience and want to thank EVERYONE for making this a success. We could not have done this with out you! You guys are awesome!

There are still a handful of orders that are missing critical information required to fill them, such as missing shipping fees, incomplete or missing address, or in some cases have not finalized your pledge at all. At this point, just contact us directly so we can help you finalize your pledge rewards.

Stones Released for retail!

We are very happy to announce that the STONES DUNGEON TILES are released for retail sale. Follow the link below to the website where you can now purchase the STONES DUNGEON TILES for retail sale!

The official release will go out in a few days, so you the backers have first crack at them. So if you did not get some of the items you wanted - here they are.

Thank you to everyone for all of your support, please help us spread the word!

Stones Painting Contest Extended

We are holding a contest giving everyone a chance to show off their new Stones Dungeon Tiles! We have extended the contest to April 30th to give more a chance to participate. For more information, go to: Stones Painting/Modeling Contest 2016!


There are some very neat ideas on the forum. People are sharing, so we would like to encourage all of you to join and share your painting/customizing of the Stones. Join and have a look here:

Thank you again EVERYONE again and again for your support!

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What is Stones?

Stones Dungeon Tiles is a new line of gaming terrain made of a high-quality, incredibly durable polymer plastic. These highly-detailed pieces come in a dark gray color, which means you can play them on the table right out of the box or quickly dry-brush them for an even more detailed effect.

See About Stones page for more info

What makes Stones Dungeon Tiles unique?

  • Durable, highly-detailed material
  • Easy to cut for custom tiles
  • Affordable
  • Perfect size for most popular 28mm table-top games
  • Easy to paint for an even more realistic look

Another cool thing about our new dungeon tiles is that with a little heat, the material becomes very soft and "moldable," which means you can cut and bend them into custom shapes and sizes like these (picture of custom tiles).

Also included in this set are doors made of the same material, which are desgined with powerful neophyte earth magnets to hold them in place.

Probably the best thing about our Stones is that it is affordable! However, there is a significant startup cost involved in the manufacturing process, which is why we are using Kickstarter to launch this new line of gaming terrain.

Click here to get more ideas for Dungeon Tiles Maps!


We have had several backers mention they would like to see double-sided tiles and others want to keep the anti-slip back. Well, we now have the best of both worlds! The anti-slip backing is a grainy-like texture, so we have added the 1" grid to the back, and Viola! It can now be painted like dirt, mud and so on (the other side is still the Stones Dungeon pattern - they're double-sided!) We are also going to design a Caverns Accessories Set to go along with it and offer it as an add-on, so you can add rock formations, stalagmites, growth and so on by placing them right on the tiles! Remember, these are just prototypes/WIPs, but it gives you an idea of what is to come.

Go to the Gallery to see more pictures!

If you have any questions you can check out the FAQ page
or contact us using either of the methods below.